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Sandpoint Tattoo boasts years of experience and, unlike others, can prove it. Come see our computer slideshow which has well over 3000 pictures of satisfied customers showing off their work. Make sure you have a couple of hours to spend if you want to see them all. If others say that they are experienced professionals, ask to see examples of their work. If they can not show you hundreds of pictures of their work then they must not be proud of their tattoos or simply just don't have the experience that you should be looking for in an artist.

Michelle Eagan has been been providing tattooing since 1996 and is the most experienced female tattooist in North Idaho.

Don't be afraid to ask to see our sterilization equipment at Sandpoint Tattoo. We use hospital techniques and procedures including ultrasonic cleaning in addition to sterilization for machine tubes before usage.

Our work is backed by over 15 years of experience...come see our slideshow!


Michelle Eagan is the first ever Full-time Professional body piercer in the county and North Idaho as well as the most experienced.

She started piercing in October of 1994, after Kevin needed someone to do piercing in the shop. She had always loved jewelry and eventually turned that into her own business, Lady of Death Body Piercing, so named for the Lady of Death Comic Series that she loved to read.

All piercing rates include the necessary starter jewelry. Unlike others, if we do not have the proper jewelry for a piercing, we won't do it.

As an example, a girl came in and showed us an "industrial" piercing that was done on her which had two individual studs inserted in her ear in place of the required long bar. We feel that the girl had been ripped off as the two holes were not in line with each other and could never be fixed.

If any piercer tries to tell you that they don't have the necessary jewelry and wants you to accept a substitute, then the piercer does not care anything about your piercing or the eventual outcome of that piercing...they only want your money. Michelle treats clients with the respect and care one could expect from a family member not just a professional.

Boasting the largest body jewelry selection in Bonner County.


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